City hall trailer Is US Uncut

City hall trailer

Is US Uncut a liberal or progressive movement? Absolutely not, Gibson said. This is nonpartisan. We dont endorse any specific political ideology or candidate or party. The movement will hold its first day of organizing on Saturday, February 26, with demonstrations mainly outside banks in 50 cities. Its expecting crowds in the dozens in the smaller cities and hundreds in some bigger cities. This is our first national day of action, Gibson said. And all of us are coming together to say: before you take away housing subsidies, raise college tuition and fire teachers, just make sure that corporations are paying their fair share in taxes like the rest of us. The broader goal is to reshape the national debate and challenge the tea partys narrative that government cant do good things for people, and that we cant raise taxes, we can only cut. Maybe there isnt a spending problem. Maybe its a revenue problem, Gibson said. And its not that the moneys not there. The money is there. Its with these corporations who arent city hall trailer taxes. To embed this post, copy the code below and paste into your website or blog. Receive email updates on new comments! why not eliminate all corporate taxes? This would eliminate all ruses to evade taxes which no longer exist. This would eliminate a tax that you, the consumer and the only source of income for corporations, pay without knowing, without that highly touted feature transparency That makes the products of American Labor and Capital uncompetitive on the world market or do you think this would be a favor to those nasty old corporations? How about outlawing corporate lobbying in exchange for eliminating corporate taxes? And instead of a country for the corporations by the corporations, we could have true and full representation. Two-thirds of US corporations didnt pay so much as a dime in taxes between 1998 and 200 I would guess that 99% of those non-payers are small incorporations created for, eventually failed, startups, personal businesses, tax shelters, etc. Or large companies which are now bankrupt GM Yet the sentence has one coming away believing that real corporations large ones like l Exxon, etc. are among these perennial deadbeats. These best these demagogues can come up with is: A city hall trailer proportion of large corporations pay taxes, according to the GAO. In 2005, about 28 percent of large corporations paid no taxes. Of the 3 million corporations included in the study, 998 were categorized as large. That is for ONE year. 2005 a not great year for profits. Not between 1998 and 200 No maybe about it. Its a spending problem, and no, the moneys not there.

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