El topo gigio como mi

El topo gigio como mi papa

Best known for his work on Gandhi and The Fisher King, Fenton has created a sweeping orchestral score, with the occasional Celtic influences thrown in, as on Cinderella or the upbeat Going to the Ball. But on most tracks Ever After s score is quiet and subtle. Though Fenton has done more memorable work Cry Freedom, he succeeds here in accentuating the romance of the film. Brit soft-rockers Texas provide the lone vocal track on the score with the infectious closing tune Put Your Arms Around Me. – Jason Verlinde 0 out of 5 stars A lovely classical soundtrack to a lovely movie, December 15, 1999 The score to Ever After is just lovely. Listening to this soundtrack calls to mind all of the endearing moments of the movie, even bringing tears to my eyes at points. If you enjoy classical soundtracks, then you may enjoy this CD even if you have not seen the movie. However, if you are looking for the songs played during the movies trailers to entice you to see the movie, you will not find them on this CD. For some reason, Ive noticed that more and more movie trailers use music to attract a particular audience to the movie, and dont always play music that is included in either the movie el topo gigio como mi papa or on the soundtrack CD. Something I find to be misleading. This is certainly the case with Ever After el topo gigio como mi papa songs I refer to are Loreena McKennits Mummers Dance and Robert Miles Fable, neither of which appear on this CD. The music that is actually included in the movie does appear on this CD buy the CD for the classical score by George Fenton, and you wont be disappointed. Pretty decent soundtrack for the film, and unlike a lot of musical soundtracks, the songs on this CD really give you the feeling of watching the film again. Especially good is Walking on Water. The only problem with this CD is that it lacks the two songs that were used in the Trailers, Robert Miles Fable and Mummers Dance by Loreena McKennitt. The last song on the CD, Texas which has vocals, is a bit wierd as well. 0 out of 5 stars Soundtrack music and trailer music, December 17, 1999 To clear up any misunderstanding of why the music from the soundtracks often dont match the music found on the trailers for the movies, its necessary to understand the timing of things in Hollywood. Often times, when studios are ready to run their trailers to promote their films, the actual soundtracks to their movies arent ready to be released. This forces them to choose music which they feel fits the feel that they want their movie to convey. I dont believe that anyone whos seen Ever After would disagree that Mummers Dance and Fable did not convey that feeling of the movie. The orchestral music by George Fenton goes beautifully with the movie and the fact that the trailer music isnt contained on the soundtrack should not take away from his work. Its still a beautiful collection of pieces and worth the purchase. For those of you who still hold a grudge and want to whine and complain that the trailer music isnt on the soundtrack, go out and get Loreena McKennits Book of Secrets and Robert Miles Dreamland. Oh, and as for the argument that this practice is false advertising, keep in mind that the MOVIE trailer is used to promote the FILM not the SOUNDTRACK. 0 out of 5 stars Score brings back emotions memories from movie! The music IN the film really helps bring out the emotional aspects of each scene. I never saw a trailer for the movie, so I did not realize others would be disappointed by Read more 0 out of 5 stars A Soundtrack To Love Happily Ever After. The soundtrack to the movie Ever After is as beautiful and carefully crafted as the movie itself. I cant say which track I like best, as theyre all equally beautiful. Read more This soundtrack is gorgeous. Listen to individual tracks when you want to hear something beautiful or listen to it all the way through. Read more Published 18 months ago by S. Johnson This soundtrack is the most beautiful music ever! If youve never seen the movie, it is worth your time. Read more Published on February 25, 2009 by Elizabeth I got my CD in just a few days, it was in perfect condition and I love it! Published on February 5, 2009 by E. Browne Of course I liked the movie, but it is the soundtrack of this movie that I have enjoyed most of all and the cd was in good condition as stated by the seller. Published on January 6, 2009 by Carol Balsiger Okay, so it isnt Pirates of the Caribbean or Finding Neverland, but this soundtrack is one of the best. Read more Published on December 3, 2008 by Olivia Joy Im not going to write a long review, because there are so many other reviews on here, but I am just here to agree that this is a great soundtrack!: Published on November 8, 2007 by M. Anderson This story to me is by far one of my favorites. It takes you off into a magical place in your mind. It is so well written that you actually place yourself into the story.

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