Eraserheads I agree with you


I agree with you that this could happen anywhere and John is to be commended for his efforts to keep the entire ship informed on everything that went on. John is a dear friend of mine, have known him since 1 We will see him on the BC4, can t wait! Maybe we will run into you on the Miracle, this will be our 21st cruise. You ll become Platinum on your 10th cruise! Linda Mike We are all so glad that everyone is safe healthy! Please know that cruising with Carnival has been always will be my favorite way to vacation! Kudos to Carnival! John, need a raise! I hope to get to cruise with you one day, John. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and Carnival. You all did an outstanding job under the worse conditions. Kudos to you, all of the crew on the Carnival Splendor, and it s passengers. I m so glad everyone is safe. You really know how to leave a girl in suspense! Hope you have gotten lots of rest and hot showers and tea/coffee. I m still a cruise addict, hope my next cruise director is as much as a pro as you are. Megan must have an unusual anatomy if you could see the moonlight bouncing off of her moons as she walked towards you. That s all I have to say about that. You see to have been very involved I have a question that doesn t seemed to have been asked or answered yet why wouldn t Carnival allowed the lifeboats to be used and brought these people to shore instead of making them spend 2 days without toilets, hot water, and in those conditions? We are booked for an October cruise and this basic fact is worrying me. It seems common sense that no one should be exposed to those conditions. It is like sitting on a runway for 3 hours and not be allowed off the plane or out of your seat. I am positive you all did what you could do, and the fire was not your fault, but I think the ball was dropped here no? Unless the ship was in danger of being consumed by the fire or in danger of sinking, I m sure it s safer for 4, 500 people to stay on the ship. They were far from land, and to take all those people onto other rescue ships, I m sure would be a major task. Just because some passengers complained they had no hot water. From accounts, the toilets were running on backup power, as was cold water. I m sure it was not a walk in the park. But it looks like Carnival did what any cruise line would do. I am also sure the powers that be have discussed the lifeboats, but deceided not to do it. Lifeboats are for only life threatening conditions. The toilets were up and running after 12 hours. So the rest of the time was basically no hot water and no fancy food. While not ideal circumstances, far from a life threatening emergency. Have you ever been in the lifeboat when used as the first tender and every seat is taken? Bad enough in the relatively sheltered run to the port. Used as a lifeboat there would be a lot more people on-board for many, many hours, in much rougher water. First time here, great sense of humor. I will be sailing on the Splendor Nov Hope to have a pop tart and I like your spirit Jim. I ll be sailing in January on the Triumph. Have a pop tart and spam sandwich for me. forward to part This gives me a deeper admiration to the entire crew on a cruise ship. God Bless you all.

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