Fingerprints of god ÁIf you

Fingerprints of god

ÁIf you donÁt memorize it, then you donÁt care, Á Friesen says. ÁItÁs a slap in the face. Á ColumbiaÁs growing acceptance of the league has aided in its success. Maude Vintage sponsors the group, and store owner Sabrina Braden sees No Coast as an artistic, nonviolent forum where people can express themselves through music. For many of the rappers, the townÁs support means everything. Eanet says the exposure and experience is a steppingstone for him getting into a national league such as Grind Time. No CoastÁs next battle is scheduled for March 28 at Maude Vintage. And the fun doesnÁt stop at the face off. After the winners are named, the league laughs off the verbal jabs with a party. ÁOur events are hella chill, Á Pruitt says. ÁAll of us love hip-hop, but we donÁt have ridiculous egos. We like to have a good time and kick it with fingerprints of god people. Á WARNING: This video contains explicit language. Mat Betz, aka Mantra, is a co-founder of No Coast and films the battles. Macy Pruitt, aka Ice-9, hosts and battles for No Coast. Alex Grousis-Henderson, aka Al Hendi, represents No Coast. Kelly Betz, aka Dr. , is the founding father of No Coast. The correct credit for music in the slideshow goes to Mow Joe, Wompa Skrilla and Belligerent. Sorry for any confusion. August Kryger You must be logged in to comment. If you dont have an account, fingerprints of god can register here. Columbias city magazine: In print every Thursday and open late daily on the web. Copyright 200 All rights reserved. FreeStyle Battles, FreeStyle Rap, Rap Battles, Rapper Freestyle in it s Rawest Form From The Dopest Emcees and Unsigned MC s in The Game DRAKE I M ON ONE TRACKLIST: MARVIN S ROOMdownload DREAMS MONEY CAN BUYdownload I M ON ONE FEAT. DJ KHALED, RICK ROSS LIL WAYNEdownload BABY Read More NICKI MINAJ DEATH TO BARBIE TRACKLIST: TOP OF THE WORLDdownload CATCH ME FEAT. SWIZZ BEATZdownload SO SPECIALdownload BOUGHT THE BAR FEAT. DJ WEBSTARdownload Read More OJ DA JUICEMAN COOK MUZIK TRACKLIST: COOK MUZIK INTROdownload LITTLE STORYdownload CEMETERY POCKETSdownload GRILLS ARE GOLD FEAT.

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