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Several witnesses reported seeing Corbitts minivan bouncing off of the curb as she attempted to park the vehicle. When the children bailed out of the vehicle and ran, Corbitt attempted to chase them down until two men saw what was happening and stepped in-between her ghost month movie trailer the children. Thats when Corbitt reportedly removed her top and asked the men if they wanted to have sex with her, according to police. Police arrived a short time ghost month movie trailer and quickly discerned that Corbitt was in dire need of a set of handcuffs. As they took her into custody, she yelled and screamed at the kids. Look what you did to me you little shits, she reportedly yelled. Corbitt then allegedly fought an officer who tried to place her into a patrol car kicking him in the leg and then the stomach. She was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on three counts of child abuse, disorderly intoxication, DUI, and battery of a law enforcement officer. She currently remains jailed on 40, 850 bond. Join The Discussion. Click Comment Link Below And Fire Away Christine Corbitt Terrorized St. Petersburg Woman Goes On Rampage After Drinking Box Chardonnay East Hartford, CT The Weekly Vice January Vasquez, a 35-year-old Connecticut woman was jailed with a Grinch-worthy scowl on her face after she went to elaborate lengths to rob her own grandparents blind. According to South Windsor police, Vasquez called her grandparents and reported to them that a relative had been involved in a horrific accident. The call, however, was a hoax intended to get her grandparents to leave their home. Investigators say the grandparents left for the hospital shortly after receiving Vasquez call. Thats when Vasquez ghost month movie trailer burglarized the house. Detectives say about 8, 000 in jewelry was stolen from the house. Some of the items were recovered at area pawn shops. Vasquez blamed her husbands drug habit for her actions. Vasquez was booked into jail on charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree burglary and conspiracy to commit third-degree larceny. She was released after posting a 25, 000 bond. The husband, identified as Merminio Vasquez was arrested on a warrant in addition to the burglary charges. He is being held on 100, 000 bond. Join The Discussion.

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