Hard candy review Tricks are

Hard candy review

Tricks are for Dick Cavet not me, Silly Rabbit. I called yo house an you Momma said, whoose this Hans Schlegel? I had know idea Hans Schlegel would be this awesome. He s the most kick-ass German Liberal Fascist Wolf trainer of all time. Judo, Kung-Fu, Shazaam! Rush. Frank Erwin Center. April 23rd. BE THERE! I kind of love you. Don t hurt my heart. Never. I m not like the others. Well, that does it. I dont understand one single fucking post on this thread. Yesterday, my mother and I testified before the Maryland grand jury investigating Linda Tripp. We cooperated fully. We answered all questions. We invoked no privileges. The Clinton people have contempt for the law and those who are sworn to uphold it. They are without remorse when it comes to lying to the public about false outrages if it will gain them the slightest advantage in the media or the polls. This post is obviously hard candy review kind of swipe at Obama, I am outraged. How dare you. Hillary Clinton is just like George Bush, or perhaps Hitler. Every good liberal fascist knows that Internet Rap Battles are the Horst Wessel Song of Liberal Fascism. Were you sleeping in class again? Hark, what yonder crickets chirp? They chirp for thee, THE EFITODEEDTIROS!!!!!!! RRRAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!11 Bill Maher just went on some crazy-ass rant about how all pharmaceuticals are poison, and that no one that eats right will ever need antibiotics. Man, it was strange. Bob Costas was pretty funny, saying to Maher Oh, come on, Superman! I want Sifu to hard candy review what kind of incoherence he prefers, 3Bulls or Charlie Tuna. It is ending, or beginning, or continuing, or whatever in tears.

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