Hiroshima mon amour part

Hiroshima mon amour part 1

And, frankly, when Netflix said they were going to drop HD-DVD I went to half Netflix half Blockbuster. Guess what. Blockbuster has been the superior service. Better site. Less wait. Nice customer service. Adios Netflix. It was nice knowin ya. I, along with many other people on here, agree that if youre going to raise the price for me to enjoy the privilege of renting Blu-Ray titles, then it stands to reason you should STOCK MORE. Im sick of waiting weeks for a title as silly as BABY MAMA. If you charge more, it better be to raise stock levels so we dont have to wait a month for a single title. Thats beyond ridiculous. Youre not going to charge me more for Blu-ray unless you stop sending me broken discs and stock more of the movies I want to see on it. I still cant use your instant watch service on my computer and now you want to charge me more money? Completely ridiculous. Youre not going to charge me more because Im through with you. Learn to deal with consumer issues effectively instead of brushing off legitimate complaints and offering more hollow promises. 1, modest increase dont put your shoulder out hiroshima mon amour part 1 yourself on the back, jessica. their accounts one level, i did. that takes care of their 1 gouge. I downgraded my plan to compensate for this. Add me to the unhappy list of consumers. Why so nasty, People? Youd think we were at a Sarah Palin rally! But some of the objections, if not the attendant frothing, make sense; like why should people pay more when the waits are so long and so many discs arrive damaged? But the wait times are obviously one of the main reasons theyre doing this, knowing that a lot of cheap bastards I mean valued members will opt out, making more discs available to those of us that think that its worth paying 1 more a month for all the extra features and far superior image quality. And whos to say they dont intend to buy more copies? If the waits stay this long, people can simply hiroshima mon amour part 1 out down the road. As to the number of discs that arrive damaged, Id suggest that some of the additional revenue go towards designing a stiff but lightweight inner sleeve to help protect them. Although, lets be clear here, this is 100% Sonys fault for manufacturing such a lousy product in the first place, notoriously vulnerable to both scratching and cracking as these things are. RIP HD.

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