Ice spiders movie part 1 Played perfectly

Ice spiders movie part 1

Played perfectly. Incredible amount of Trailers, TV and Music available through Internet connection for free As of Nov. 20 Amazon has large number of Blue-Rays for sale at 10, why stream for After much research I decided on the Sony BDP-4 Set up was super easy due to reading previous reviews. Hooked it up to Apple Airport express bridging to my wireless network. The N460 went to the internet without any problems, got the firmware update in minutes. Blue Ray disk loaded in 45 seconds. The image quality is of course unbeatable. Netflix, Amazon on demand took a few minutes to register I had to sign in via computer on both services etc. but once that was done I was good to go. Having tested both Netflix and Amazon streaming, I much prefer the Amazon signal. The Amazon HD stream is very impressive on ice spiders movie part 1 machine via HDMI! There are a bunch of other streaming services that come with this thing that I haven t even ice spiders movie part 1 around to testing yet. Overall it s an awesome Blue RayInternet media center. I d been putting off getting a blu-ray player because of all the bad things I d been hearing about them. Well, I m very happy with this player. It s works great and I m having lots of fun with it. No unacceptable slowness. NO HDMI connection problems with my 4 year old Sony KD-34XBR960 TV. I m using the coax digital audio to connect to my receiver. The manual states that, the PCM signals, output from the DIGITAL OUT OPTICAL/COAXIAL jack, will be output as 48 kHz/16 bit instead of 96 kHz/24 bit if, the source is copyprotected. An HDMI receiver would insure the best sound quality. However, I ve been experiencing really excellent sound. I have a huge sound system and really notice the improvement in blu-ray sound. I don t feel a need to get an HDMI receiver. The only problem I ran into so far was with some 4:3 aspect ratio DVD s. To play these properly you need to set one of the player s settings to Fixed Aspect Ratio. Although this worked on some DVD s, it didn t work on others. I found that if you just press stop and then play again, it would adjust to the correct aspect ratio. I don t know if this is the player s fault or the DVD. Maybe a firmware upgrade witll fix it. The work around is not that big of a deal anyway. UPDATE: The latest firmware did fix this problem. Blu-Ray picture quality is great, of course. But I was impressed that even DVD s look better. I did not expect this since I already have a couple good DVD players Oppo and Sony. My TV does a much better job of upscaling than my DVD players.

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