Kings ransom trailer This

Kings ransom trailer

This format war was the most pointless ever. I preferred the HDDVD format but lets face it, the video/quality is the same same codecs, similar enough storage capacity. This format war was the most pointless ever. To say that the format war was pointless is extremely short-sighted. The end goal here is just to have EITHER Blu-ray or HD DVD take over the DVD market. The reason I was behind HD DVD all along is because I feel that they have a much better chance of doing it than Blu-ray. Consider the following: HD DVDs entry cost is much cheaper than Blu-rays. Granted, when either one became mainstream their prices would fall to what DVD players cost today. The problem is that they have to GET to that point first. If Blu-ray players werent dropping below 400 with an equal competitor in HD DVD driving the price down, why do we expect them to drop further? Already weve seen Blu-rays software sales fall off a cliff. Whereas a month ago we were getting constant BOGOs on already cheap movies, picking up 2 movies for as cheap as 15 bucks, now the best we get is buy 2 get 1 free via mail in rebate and an extra 3 shipping. The new sales cost more for 3 movies than the old ones cost for 4 movies. Blu-ray is extremely anti-consumer. You buy a blu-ray player, and you buy a blu-ray disc, everything should work, right? Nope, that disc may or may not be compatible with that player. And what does Sonys president come out and say about it a couple weeks ago? Too bad, deal with it. That is the kind of crap that the average consumer that currently buys DVDs does not want to put up with. Spend 400 bucks on a player that wont even play everything on the 25 disc when instead they could just buy the same disc for 15 bucks and have everything work with no additional costs? Please, theyll pick the latter. Furthering the anti-consumer line, prepare for DRM hell. Want to copy that movie that you just dropped 30 bucks on to your hardrive or mp3 player? Too bad, because Sony says you paid 30 bucks for the round piece of plastic, not the content on it, so the round kings ransom trailer of plastic is all you get. Toshiba has a huge stake in DVD. Were HD DVD to win out, it would be a natural progression to see DVD move to HD DVD. Toshiba DVD is not going to fight Toshiba HD DVD because theyre not losing any royalties. However, you can bet your ass that Toshiba DVD is going to fight tooth and nail with Blu-ray so they dont lose everything. So, the audio and video is basically the same on both. But if 5 years from now if were all sitting here watching the crappy audio and video on our DVDs because Blu-rays high entry costs and all-around consumer unfriendliness caused the format to die out next to DVD, you will sure as hell care then, and perhaps realize how shortsighted you were. But hey, now that HD DVD is basically gone, Im right there with all the people Ive been arguing with hoping that Blu-ray can become mainstream. I just hope Sony is able to pull it off and not ruin HDM for all of us. Well said my friend. I agree that HD DVD is probably dead, but what the Blu fanboys dont realize is that now that theyve defeated the little toshiba monster, the big giant toshiba DVD monster is comin around the corner with their huge 98% market share, and that sucker is pissed that you killed its baby! Just kidding. Anyway, totally agree, if Blu is gonna be here to stay, they need to get software and hardware prices down and start getting the consumer to adopt. They also need to get these profile 0 players out there and quick. And sony saying at CES that early adopters knew what they were getting into in regards to compatibility is the kind of mindset that can kill a format. Which sony is all to good at doing sighting Beta, Digital 8, Minidisc, SACD, should i continue?. The truth is, do i trust sony with mainstream formats, NO! And to all the fan boys who will reply saying that Blu is not just sony, let me remind you that theyve been at the helm since the beginning of this thing. The kings ransom trailer guys have been along for the ride. So in my eyes, Blu is sonys baby, end of story. DRM is also a dangerous weapon to be playing with and sony is all too good at screwing that up too sighting the DRM fiasco a couple years ago with sonyBMG CDs having malware on them, sony was sued, lots of CDs were recalled. This is another thing that can kill a format.

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