Oceans twelve laser Vinyl

Oceans twelve laser

Vinyl sales are increasing because of young people. Heard of scene kids? Thats where your vinyl sales are coming from. Also, Im sure that those people who enjoy pinching pennies notice that vinyl albums can sometimes be half the price as the CD, and usually include a free digital download. no freebies in my country, so yea no. oohh look out the scene kids are gonna take over the market and start nipping all the sales from CDs!! next theyll start buying floppy disks and other outdated pieces of crap. Until the Hard Drive crashes and you lose them all at once. Isnt he the guy that invented oceans twelve laser spray? I hope they add BD support. Ive been wishing they would. What does it mean to add Blu-ray support? Applications already support it in Leopard, Roxio Toast, a new app ArchiveMac, and even base Leopard disk utility. LG makes an excellent Blu-ray burner that Newegg is selling for It can also read HD-DVD if anyone cares anymore. Also to anyone that compares video streaming and calling it high quality are completely out of touch with what Bluray has to offer. Bluray offer 1920×1080 24p with H. 264 or VC-1 or even MPEG-2 with bitrates as high as 40Mbps. The audio can be as high as 20Mbps. Yes you read that right. I have a concert BD that uses 1 channel 24-bit/96kHz PCM for an audio only bitrate of 6Mbps. If you guys want to compare this kind of capability with a 5Mbps or 6Mbps HD stream for both audio and video, I pity you guys. Bluray makes a huge difference when it comes to displaying on a big screen and a good audio environment. Yes, this is not how majority of people watch home A/V, but again we are talking about high quality here, not lowest common ! I really dont get it when people say 5Mbps is as HD as 40Mbps. Anyway blu-ray is now the only one standardized physical medium for hd for small scale distribution or consumer distribution. So it is not a question of how good it is, it just is the only one. We need standards; you cant sell content in a store or send a product to a client with pages long specs how to playback it and have a doubt that its not working. If Apple would like to make another standard, they should standardize it through ISO IEEE. Also these standards have to live a decade or two, so when they are released they have to be very expensive state-of-the-art, because it takes 2-3 years for early adaptors to adapt it and about 5 years to masses to accept it and thats when prices go down. And thats also about time when new standard will be released. In 2015 we will have 8-layer bd disks 200GB for 2-4 and price of 64GB ssd will be ten times more. Hdds will be quite gone, so theres no question that optical storage oceans twelve laser still be around. illegally downloaded movies and everything else is a darn good comparison. if you think about you go onto a torrent site and look at how many times a movie has been downloaded, you will see that it can easily go higher than 100, 000 times. that could mean 100, 000 more sales for a company. which is quite a lot! it may not be a true comparison, but it is definately biting into the consumers decisions about whether to go legal or not. we struggle to get the faster speeds because of our largeness, that doesnt mean that the 10% which is where around 80% of our population lives doesnt have fast speeds.

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