Pocahontas songs lyrics They did a really good job here

Pocahontas songs lyrics

They did a really good job here. One thing I wish this had was the ability to stream local content on your home network. There is no way to stream ISO s or other videos on your home network to this bluray player. I know Sony has the ability to add it in, I just don t know if they will. The playstation 3 allows this, Sony should be more consistent and add features across the line for their devices. Otherwise this is really great blu ray player. I bought this player after some research to find my first blu-ray player. It worked great for a couple of months, but dvds, pocahontas songs lyrics occasional blu-ray the sound would cut out slightly every 6-7 minutes. It would only last for few milliseconds, but for an avid movie watcher, it was annoying. I called Sony and they haven t had anyone report this problem. After reading reviews online, I noticed I apparently was the only one this happened to. The picture on up-converting and blu-ray playback is great in my opinion. However, that annoying little drop in sound really bothers me. It s like a little bump in the sound, but the sound drops in volume for just a split second. Since I own far more DVDs than Blu-Rays, this is a problem for me. I m taking it back to Best Buy to exchange it. Hopefully it s just a bug in my player and not in the next one. Hopefully this review helped everyone, especially if you ve had this problem but haven t seen anyone else report it. Set-up is super easy, its been less then 20 pocahontas songs lyrics since I unboxed this and already i m streaming from Netflix. I was worried that I d encounter buffering issues, but nope. It took less then a minute to load the movie and its playing like a champ! I m not using wireless though, so I can only attest to the quality of a wired connection. Just ran a test on my wireless computer and i m at 07mps, so I imagine the wired connection is slightly faster then that. Just a quick note on the Netflix side, for those of you who don t currently have accounts, NOT EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE FOR LIVE PLAY.

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