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Any experience like this? Right today there is a new version of BD-Rebuilder. Program works like a charm. Ripped a brand new released movie with AnyDVD HD to my Hard Drive. Ran BD builder as the movie was too big for a 25G Blue ray. Shrunk it down, burned it to a 25 Blue ray disc with ImgBurn and its perfect. I could not believe how easy it was. Only question, if I set BD Rebuilder to auto burn to disc with IMGBurn, does this mean it does it on all auto once conversion is done. ? anyways this is a great program that deserves the highest amount of Kudos possible. Yes, once BD Rebuilder is done with the conversion, it will automatically load up IMGBurn provided you have it properly installed and begin burning the disk provided you have a blank disk in your burner drive. Pes packet len too large 100Mb. Bad stream or invalid codec speciffed. Huh, now that is interesting! Are you using the latest version of BD Rebuilder? If so, did you change settings at all? If no to all of the above, as this thread suggests, you may have a bad rip. Update whatever ripping software that you used, and try rise against your source. The thing is, this not a problem with BD Rebuilder. It s a problem with a software that it uses called TsMuxer. But, again, as the thread I pointed to says, it could be a bad rip. BD Rebuilder is last version, 08 but I see a new Anydvd 6 is available. Mine is 3, I ll update, re-rip and re-encode. It s going to take more than 24 hours will let you know. Thanks 4 now. I can t gat my hands back on the title that was giving me the problem yet, but after udate anydvd everything seems fine. In BDRebuilder I m using outputBD25 with high quality default, but I see there is an high-speed encoding option for BD Is there a lot of quality difference between the 2 encoder settings? I m asking because it take so long to encode and compare, any opinion will be apreciated. The quality difference isn t HUGE by any means, but it is certainly different. I would recommend you encode the same movie using both settings and see if you can put up with the high speed output. The quality of an encode is entirely subjective to the viewer. Some viewers can handle more artifacts, others, less. Got back the movie Pinocchio re ripped with latest anydvd re encoded with BD rebuilder last version default settings, but got the same error: 07 Multiplexing M2TS Pes packet len too large 100Mb. Bad stream or invalid codec speciffed. 39 Failed to build structure, aborted Hmm and this only happens on some specific movies? In all honesty, I recommend that you get an account at Doom9 and post in this thread, as it is maintained by the program author and he can provide direct support that way. This is a program specific error and since I can t look at the source code, I can t do much more. up to now now is the only title giving me hard time. I m reading also the thread you say just to stay tuned, somebody else had the same problem in 2009 with the same title cars. The problem seem to be in the rip tsmuxer, but none has a real solution. Onestly I don t care so much for this title. A friend of mine gave me the 5 Herry Potter and 3 Matrix, plus I want to test the quick encode option and compare with High quality. I have bd rebuilder 6 and it says beta version expired. Do I only have to download a newer version of it? Or do I need to uninstall all the other rise against software programs Haali Media Splitter and reinstall them? Thanks! Yes, you only have to download a newer version of it.

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