Riverworld 2010 I don t know, it s tough to describe

Riverworld 2010

I don t know, it s tough to describe. Also, there seems to be some other shortcut screen that pops up every so often. It s a small box in the middle of the screen that shows my six most recently used apps. I have no idea why it pops up, or how, but I would actually like to use it if I could figure out how to do it. Three, lastly, it seems to lock up a lot. It just freezes, just like a computer would. It s probably done this about ten times is anyone else having any problems like this? It s starting to get very annoying. Big blemishes for such an amazing it makes me sad to think riverworld 2010 has so many interfering problems. After I end a call and press home a white screen with htc in green letters pops up and then a grey loading box for about 10-15 seconds. so the phone does the great thing of recognizing when you re using the phone on a call but if you hold the phone with you shoulder or just not right against your face it activates the screen riverworld 2010 you hang up on people. does anyone know how or if you can turn that function off so that if you want to activate the screen during a call you have to press a button or physically activate the screen? My Hero has just started making a beep through the main speaker when ending a call I don t remember it doing this before is this normal and is there a setting to disable it? I tried to make an Android program where I can call a single number by clicking button. Works fine but as I end calling, the emulator shows call log. Instead of this I would that my program returns to the screen where is that calling button I made. I am going crazy I ve had this thing since it launched and everything is great except I keep hitting buttons with my face during calls! I mute, sometimes end calls, start 3 way calls etc and I have no idea how to prevent it. Is there any way I can make the screen lock during phone calls or change the call screen altogether? The end call button gets hit by my cheek and drops calls, anyone else having this problem?Is there a way to lock the screen or an App to lock the screen during calls? I have a Motorola Milestone from Telus running Android 1 update If I leave the Phone lock type as None, the phone properly locks when I briefly press the power button on top of the phone the screen blanks out and when I press it again the lock screen appears. However, if I enable the Phone lock type to either patter or password and then press the power button once to blank the screen and then a second time to turn the screen on again, the phone just goes back to the previous screen instead of the lock screen. Am I doing something wrong here? Right now, I have the phone set to lock after one minute of inactivity. I would really like to be able to lock the phone by using the lock/power button. If I set a lock code on the phone and I hit the lock button on top, I expect to have the option for the phone to actually lock not 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or whatever. Those are nice options but if you set a lock code there should be the option to say if I lock the phone it s actually locked. I think there should be an option for that on the phone by default, barring that, is there an app out there that does this already that I missed? I thought I could lock the screen, but it won t lock while in the middle of a call. im brand new to the Droid 2 coming off 3 years as Blackberry owner and still getting used to these forumsI tried searching this answer but on the phone it s a bit hrd getting anywhere so forgive me if it s been asked 1000 times already. I spoke to tech support at Verizon and was told they are pretty sure there is a way to avoid hanging up on calls while resting phone against your ear but they didn, t know how. I m SO frustrated with this phone because I can t get used to it ;however, I know it will be an awesome phone once I find some help getting the basics down. So is there a riverworld 2010 to lock the touch screen while on a call? Can you create a shortcut button for that or maybe there is an app for it?Any other advice for a newb is always welcome! Battery will be the death of me even with App Killer-lol. Also wish it typed like the BB. Have to capatalize and punctuate in many forms like this one.

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