Sharkwater soundtrack BluRay

Sharkwater soundtrack

BluRay video and sound are outstanding with this HDTV and sound system. Many Yahoo gadgets free are useful. Compatible w/secure LinkSys N access to the internet and able to upgrade both BluRay and HDTV firmware via Sony online product support. Cons: BluRay player has a slow start when loading a new bluray disc if player left in off mode. Faster if left on. Received this player as an early Christmas present. Hook up was easy using HDMI. The player loads discs a little slower than my old standard Sony DVD player is acceptable. Made the hard wired ethernet connection and had the machine on the Internet and connected to Netflix relatively quickly. Blu-Ray movies and DVD playback is excellent. The machine does a great job with standard DVDs. Netflix standard and in High Definition is excellent. Much faster than Movies on Demand over the Internet with DirecTV. It actually streams them so a fast Broadband connection is required. The only drawback with Netflix streaming is that you have to go on the Netflix site and queue the movie to your Blu-Ray player. I also tested firmware updates and streaming music through the player and everything works great. Nice picture quality. When you shut down power in the middle of a movie, it forgets everything and you have to start over. Netflix worked a couple of times. Now I always get an error message: DRM-1 Digital Rights Management. Netflix says it s Sony s problem. Sony says their engineers are working on it. It s had two software updates so far most recent installed Dec.

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