Song of the south racist version full song with lyrics

Song of the south racist version full song with lyrics

Its only a vocal battle and there is just a small chance of you actually losing your life, other than that, surviving a rap battle is easier than it seems. Watch videos online of battles, or try to go to rap battles near your hometown. There is a scene in the movie 8 Mile that is a good representation of what a freestyle rap battle is really like. Try to get your ears on some freestyle raps done by accomplished artists who are well known for their rap battles. You can learn a lot from rappers like Eyedea, Tech N9ne, AMB, Nas, Eminem, Tupac, and Biggie. Good battles to look up include the Blaze Battles from HBO, Scribble Jam, among others. is an easy way to find these. Pay careful attention to the techniques those artists use to battle, and try to mirror them which will help you enhance your own techniques. Start writing. Write down anything that comes to mind and try to rhyme it. Write down sets of rhymes and then choose the best rhymes to go with your subject of rap. Consider getting a rhyming dictionary. The ability to write an effective battle rhyme will aid you when it comes to the battle. Note: Some rappers dont write everything down, they keep everything in their head so that they can only talk about whats real Practice freestyling rapping without pre-written lyrics on the spot or impromptu anytime, anywhere, as much as you can. Even if you run out of things to freestyle about, just keep going, the longer you force yourself to rap without giving up the stronger youll become mentally. Its like a mental workout. Try freestyling battle rhymes, once you get freestyling down. Take a picture of someone, look at your dog, do what ever you can to picture an opponent you are about to rap against and try and come up song of the south racist version full song with lyrics clever ways to insult the opponent with rap lyrics. Start freestyle battling. The best way to start battling is to find opponents that are just for fun and dont care if you insult them or mess up for that matter. Constantly battle like that with people, especially if you can find a friend who is actually song of the south racist version full song with lyrics at battling so they can teach how to improve what you lack. Again, continue to practice this until other friends you know especially those into hip-hop music think youre pretty good. House parties and rap concerts are also good places to practice your battle rap techniques before actually entering a staged freestyle rap battle. Dont worry if you lose your first few real battles, the point is to constantly practice freestyling and writing. As with anything, the longer you do it the better youll become. Continue practicing until youve got it down. There are many techniques to battling, but these are just the basics. Most of all, dont get nervous, try and keep calm. Be sure to drink water and hydrate before and after the battle. When in a rap battle, you want to make sure that your verse includes three major things. Similes Making comparisons with your opponent to something that insults them. Disses a diss is an insultYou want to diss your opponent on broad topics like: how they dress, speak, spit, look, walk, talk, act, or their personality; or personally: the way they live, their past, their lifestyle, or any other weaknesses about them. Humor Make the crowd and judges and even your opponent laugh.

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