The cellar door escape the fate lyrics

The cellar door escape the fate lyrics

So there were two formats and now there is only one. How is that not getting defeated? So if there s a war, and the weapon is money, how is loss by one side not a defeat? You shouldn t be bitter because HD-DVD never stood a chance from the start. They were betrayed by Microsoft and when Disney went Blu-Ray only which they did from the very beginning that was absolutely the end of whatever format Disney was not supporting, end of story. If no HD-DVD movies are no longer being made, how was the format NOT defeated? I don t see any HD-DVD players being sold in stores and I don t see any new releases on HD-DVD. Where s your logic headed? I know only one person who owns a Blu-Ray and she only buys one or two Blu-Rays per year. 95% of the movies she watches come in via Netflix. Physical media is dead. Comment is buried, click here to see the rest. I know someone who the cellar door escape the fate lyrics t have an HDTV, but bought a Bluray player to use it for DVD s and the Wifi Streaming of Netflix on demand. I know this ass-clown that actually thinks physical media is dead. Serious, this pompous wind-bag actually declared in a tech forum that Physical media was dead. New technologies never replace, they only splinter use. You can for example claim the car killed the oxcart. But throughout the world, even the, people are hooking carts up to animals eery day. And with the imposition of usage caps being more and more common, digital downloads will be a part of life but certainly never eliminate discs which you can the cellar door escape the fate lyrics share with friends. Which is bullst. Physical media will not die as long as ISPs are literally choking the internet with slow speeds and bandwidth caps. And not only that but digital media is choking itself out by putting severe restraints on content via DRM. I only interested in this article because of the Vader thumbnail. Exactly, its just the Christmas season. Everything always gets sold more quickly and in more numbers during holidays. Especially when you can t go outside and enjoy your time and are racked up inside your house all day long because of the snow. Meh, physical media seems like a hassle most of the time. Maybe if they quoted numbers about a huge sales increase instead of just an increase in production, then I d believe it. But honestly, it just seems like a big hassle and cost for something that really isn t that convienent for me personally. agree. streaming is so much more convenient.

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