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The Dancer Upstairs

On this information packed DVD, Rob Pincus answers a question that ends up affecting anyone who carries a gun for personal defense: How do you deal with extreme hot or cold environments? Post comments, receive updates via email, gain access to exclusive content, and more. Thursday, July 29, 2010, 7:14 pm, by cmartenson Note: This is part of a series on personal preparation to help you answer the question, What should I do? Awhile back, we polled our most frequent visitors to the site and asked what improvements would be most helpful to our readers. The strongest response was that we should make it easier for people to start preparing. So weve decided to do exactly that. This series on how to build personal resilience into your life is designed for people who are just beginning the process. Those who have already taken these basic steps and more are invited to help us improve what is offered here by contributing comments, as this content is meant to be dynamic and improve over time. Our goal is to provide a safe, rational, relatively comfortable experience for those who are just coming to the realization that it would be prudent to take precautionary steps against an uncertain future. ItÁs important to remember that the steps discussed here are first steps. But for the unprepared, taking that initial action Step Zero is essential on the journey to developing resiliency. These actions are Ánecessary but insufficientÁ parts of an ongoing process. Full disclosure: In this and future articles, we will recommend specific products that we have found to be especially suitable and relevant. If you click on a link to purchase one of the products recommended below, will receive a small commission. This will not impact the price you pay for those items you can locate and buy these products elsewhere if you wish but with the funds we receive as the result of these transactions, we can continue to expand our other community offerings, produce the next wave of videos, and bolster our outreach and educational efforts. You win by saving time and having easy access to our well-researched product recommendations, and we win by receiving your support and encouragement to continue doing what we do. WeÁd also love to hear any feedback based on your firsthand experience with the products and vendors that we recommend. Our goal is to ensure that weÁre doing our utmost to offer the best guidance for utility, value, and service. And so, we begin this series with waterÁ The highest priority resource to get under your local control is water. Humans can live for roughly three weeks without food, but will perish after three days without water. Just as importantly, many diseases are water-borne, so sufficient access to water must ensure quality as well as quantity. Ample, clean water is a necessity of life. For most Americans, water for drinking and washing comes either from a municipal town/city water supply or from a private well, so for the purposes of this article, well focus on water solutions around those options. To begin with, storing water is generally inconvenient. Stored water takes up a great deal of space, its heavy, and it needs to be replaced every couple of years because it goes stale over time.

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