The fugue dj t-rock Price yes

The fugue dj t-rock

Price yes, but for me high quality of Blu-ray itself can at times be somewhat annoying to watch. Ive seen a couple of movies on BD that were actually shot in HD. Did I REALLY need to see all those gnarly wrinkles on the actors face that-despite all heroic efforts of the make-up crew-live on in infamous high-definition Blu-ray? Movies are all about make believe, right? Well there appear to be TIMES when a little fuzziness wouldnt HURT the cause. Excuse me while I go barf just from the recollection of these inglorious HD images. makeorbreak. When you look around at the real world, is it fuzzy? HD is about bringing real the fugue dj t-rock visual quality to a screen. People complaining about the visual detail they see in an HD picture might as well be complaining about real life. The only difference is a TV screen puts a frame around the images so you tend to focus on detail that was always there. If you want to see a fuzzy world, take off your glasses or stare at the sun for a couple minutes and damage your eyes. I agree, the prices for most new release Blu Rays here in Canada are 99 give or take a couple of bucks 13% TAX. Meanwhile the same movie on DVD is People arent going to pay almost double for HD picture when DVD is the fugue dj t-rock fine for most. I know some people who cant tell the difference sad as that sounds but its not uncommon. If Blu Ray is going to take off, it needs to be priced reasonably. I would say at most 2 more than DVD but ultimately the same price would be best. Until then, people will the fugue dj t-rock to buy the DVD and take the extra money they saved and buy a second DVD. This is not the same leap as cassette to CD so stop marketing it like that. Blu Ray picture is awesome but DVD is not bad either. I agree with you. Unfortunately the Majority of people cannot tell the difference between blu-ray and DVD if they sat down and watched the exact same movie. For that reason the price does need to be comparable; not the ridiculous 30 in the US. I can most definitely notice the difference, but I would still buy DVDs unless blu-ray is competitively priced. That kind of sucks in Canada. Here in the, I never spend more than 99 99 for a blu-ray movie.

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