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Warner announced that they would be dropping support for HD DVD only on June He didnt say they would drop their support in January. He said that they announced it in January. As in, it was in the month of January, they said that would So now we have the more expensive format, with less backwards compatibility and with more stringent usage restrictions. Blu-ray discs have been priced the same as the HD DVD discs. You even stated it earlier in your post the only exception were those hybrid HD DVD/DVD Combo discs which were typically priced 5 more than the non-combo HD DVDs. The DISCS may be comparably priced, but the players were not. BRD players were ALWAYS priced higher than HDDVD players were, sometimes to the tune of a couple hundred bucks. Both formats are backwards compatible with DVDs and CDs. Hes talking about the ability, or in this case, the IN-Ability for first gen. BRD players to play the most recent BRD discs. Since they have no internet access, and no hard drives, the firmware on them cant be updated unlike HDDVD that all had internet access so the older BRD players cant play them. The region coding available to Blu-ray is subject to the movie studios discretion. For instance, New Line chose to only release new releases on region-coded Blu-rays so as not to interfere with the theatrical runs of the movie in foreign countries. That maybe, but a good chunk, if not all, of HDDVDs were region free. So he still has a valid point. Ive got an HD DVD quite happy with needed a new DVD player and i have one that upconverts all my standard least I didnt pay 800 for it. I waited from the day HD-DVD was announced until just before Xmas this year to decide between them. When I noticed that Best Buys Blue-Ray section suddenly looked larger than HD-DVD, I took the plunge to Blue-Ray. Still felt it was a risk, but I guess it paid off to pay attention. Blue-Ray is fabulous, but I have a DVD collection of over 1000 the perfect life shaycarl already was upconverting them on a regular I have no plans to suddenly start to buy tons of discs. Only things that are special to me or have lots of extras that the regular DVD doesnt have are worth buying again. Same with new movies since BRD are more expensive than regular DVDs special ones. I blame Microsoft for losing, even though thats very unusual for them. They did not push it enough, didnt push the differences and didnt take advantage of most of them. Microsoft blew it this time and I guess Sony learned from Beta. Got a the perfect life shaycarl for the general much better can the picture GET? I was skeptical that DVD would be better than Laser Disc picture quality-wise. I was skeptical that BRD could be that much better than regular both times. But I honestly cant see how it can get any better. If anyone thinks that Blu-Ray players will drastically drop in price in the near future, take a look at the PS Sony holds the distributors prices like a noose around a condemned mans neck, never loosening it and keeping everything tight to their discretion. This decision could not have been made by the consumer because if it were, HD DVD would have clearly been the winner due to the prices of the equipment needed to play the perfect life shaycarl the titles. No regional codes simply meant that if I wanted a movie before it was released over here, I could order one from over seas if it were available. Also, some of the movies that were released only in Blu Ray over here, were available over seas in HD DVD format.

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