Vincere Boycott is the perfect from of peaceful protest


Boycott is the perfect from of peaceful protest. I have no problem forking out Ḡ99 for Avatar on Blueray. if it means that I have to endure 5 or 10 mins of rubbish before the main feature EVERYTIME I want to watch it then no-thanks. As a consumer I am fed up with paying for something just to have advertising stuffed down my Its like paying for Sky still having to endure the frequent long ad breaks So long now I frequently forget what program I am actually watching. Whats the next ploy having unskippable ad breaks every 15 mins on the dvds bluerays. Its going too far, and encourages pirate advert free viewing. More fools them. BBC has 4 high quality tv channels numerous radio stations all for á¸11 per month: AND NO ADVERTS. Best value by far. While I noticed sign up at Best Buy warning customers there was new vincere to update their players to play AVATAR this did not hold true for the Sony players. I didnt have to do anything and it played jus fine, I also did not see any trailers or added warnings it vincere straight to the movies title screen and I clicked play. Maybe all the other brands didnt get their players right the first time, bummer for them. I noted that the Samsung BD-UP5000 is listed as a player that it doesnt work on, and this worried me because this is what I have. I just wanted to say that that my Amazon-purchsed Avatar BD seems to work fine on my BD-UP5000 With the latest firmware update, which is months old you problem is solved under Many conditions. A DVD is a RAWuncompressed format. are all compressed formats. Then you remove the RIDDLE of DRM, and the file will be about 1/4 the size, AT MOST. Figure the Full movie will be in PARTS. DVD size in chunks about 750 meg EACH and 1-2 DVDs6-7 parts on each disk. BR Disk, Im not sure CHUNK size might be 2gig. so about 2-3 files. WTF do you mean by ing for the old people to die off. ? My parents are old-timers, and both are very computer literate and they also have a Blu-Ray DVD player, which, theyve learned the hard way, has been basically crippled by DRM bullshit. Personally, I will never buy another DVD. I dont need the dont steal a movie finger-wagging when I JUST FINISHED BUYING THE FRAKKING DVD, nor do I want to sit through ten minutes of Disney ads where they copyright stories that are, in fact, public domain. I am convinced more and more that people are just plain stupid. Too many years of TV dumbing us down, I suppose. I think the BR rip was about 10 gb. I dono check the torrents for the highest quality, vincere the crappy ones that will rang from 900mb to 2gb. Accordingly to the forums at slysoft, the makers of AnyDVD HD have managed to crack this new encryption in only three days. Good work Fox. The pirates only had to wait three days but youve managed to piss off thousands of legitimate customers as well as brick various Blu-ray players. i saw avatar on dvd while deployed to afghanistan about a week after the movie was released to the theaters. and the subtitles when the blue people were speaking were in german. Why in the world would anyone want to buy their DRM encrusted POS disk that you cant skip the previews on and it wont work in some players? I can think of a few other reasons why you wouldnt want to buy the disk, but the above is at the top of the list.

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