Visiting hours shane

Visiting hours shane koyczan

Dude actually took the time to type an ENTIRE Melachi verse? Not clowning or anything but wow. I never liked Canibis. I visiting hours shane koyczan thought dude was overrated as hell. Next topic. In the WTF is he talkin about? category: Ghostface circa Supreme Clientele vs. Kool Keith circa hell, any era. What y all think? Kool Keith, he has a history of putting bodies in dumpsters forfucksake. Spam, voted as the greatest rap song ever by the worlds canine population. Classic. Kool Rock Ski would have taken out Heavy D but probably not Chubb. Spliff Star for the better blunts; Busta smokes Jigga doesn t except when he contradicts himself. and Spliff Star? that says it all. Chubb was a monsta. He and biggie would have been epic. KRS, in his prime, was untouchable. I don t care what kool g rap, another lyrical monster whom I feel was closest to KRSs skillset at the time, says. He was apart from all the other rappers at the time. He was a battle rapper who s rap was engineered for battle first, wax second. The other rappers had it visiting hours shane koyczan up. 02 Lil Kim vs. Antoinette. woulda been special. hey robbie on this topic do you know who G Rap dissed at the end of Poison? or was it Men at Work i think Poison, you wack sap sucka or something like that, as a spoken part not a rhyme Lord Finesse vs. Grandaddy IU lord finesses his way to victory in a nailbiter. Kool Keith vs.

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