Couples retreat part 1

Couples retreat part 1 movie

Netflix has to address this or I smell a class action lawsuit coming. Just a comment about the cracks: CDs read from the inside out the beginning is near the hole. If DVDs work the same I think they do then a crack near the outside edge might not matter if the movie isnt long enough to get out that far. Trouble is if the movie IS that long youll only have trouble near the end which is REALLY BAD! DVDs do write from the inside out, but DVD films are in multiple video files, which are not necessarily stored in write order, and most films are on dual layer, wherein there are two possible files near the edge. I havent seen these couples retreat part 1 movie in Netflixs BluRay DVD, because I cannot get them to mail me any. So Ive added Blockbuster who will, although reluctantly. keepitsimpleengineer, March 01, 2008 I have had the same problem. Almost all of the blu-ray discs I get from Netflix are cracked near the edge. I now check couples retreat part 1 movie blu-ray disc before I attempt to play it, and Id estimate 3 of 5 arrive damaged. Glad to know others are having the same problem. Netflix will need to fix this very soon. Im 0/3 so far. I have not received a single blueray disk from Netflix that ISNT cracked EXACTLY like your picture. Ive rented 9 Blu Rays from Netflix and so far 5 of them have been unplayable. I also have noticed that if I mail the bad disk back to Netflix as soon as I report it, I sometimes get the SAME disk back from Netflix a few days confirmed by putting a mark on the disk before I send it to them. To help netflix with their problem, I now write in black magic marker on the playing surface side defective disk and put the month and year. That should keep things straight: We just started with Netflix soley for the BD option. Of the 15 disks sent to us 11 were cracked. I called today b/c our free trial was worthless as we spent all our time returning broken disks. The Rep claimed surprise about the issue and told me that it is a US Postal Service problem and that I should complain to them. Seems to me if 75% of what you send through the mail is damaged it has more to do with your packaging than a rouge mailperson tossing BDs around. Wouldnt a better shipping package be cheaper than replacing thousands of broken BDs and lost customers? 4 of my first 6 Blu-ray movies from Netflix arrived with a seemingly identical crack on the outer edge of each disk. The damaged area is difficult to find. Like you, at first I thought it was my hardware PS Ive found that quite a few netflix subscribers online STILL have the same issue. I just got off the phone with netflix customer support.

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