Speed 2 cruise control Winning

Speed 2 cruise control

Winning now is what is important, as support for the lower selling format will decline fast. This isnt 2002, it doesnt take a 100 player to win a battle like this. People have a hell of a lot more money, and buy multiple thousand dollar tvs in a growing percentage. Those people have NO PROBLEM dropping 300-500 for a movie player, that fully utilizes the hd set they just bought. When you hook up a ps3 to a big 1080p set, and watch a bluray movie for the first time, it is Nothing compares to it. People can afford that kind of item now. The 100 walmart shopping trailer park ass holes are not the ones who decide what formats win and Blu-ray has gained a 64% share on the year, and consistently outsells HD DVD weekly. Specifically, last weeks data shows Blu-ray having a weekly sales ratio 3-to-1 over HD DVD So dont ALWAYS assume that qj is fully wrong, although for the most part they are idiots Sorry couldnt help it. I love turning the all your PS3 fanboy logic around on you all. Timmy has more brains then anyone else that has posted here. at least microsoft didnt sucker people into buying a product they dont want, unlike Sony who made people pay for Blu-ray. 1 year from now better blu-ray player/burners will be in the 150 mark and you paid 600 for a player only, and you will have to buy a separate one because you are gonna want to burn. Anyways enjoy your blu-ray player. Why should I believe them? Personally I dont think digital distribution will be a dominant video format for a long time. Yeah in a few years more and more people will start using digital distribution but it will take a very long time before it becomes dominant. Currently very few people in the US has internet connection faster than 5 mbps and besides that not everyone is willing to wait for hours for an hd movie to finish downloading. That format wont pick up until at least half the population have internet connections faster than 8mbps, and that could take 10 years. Examples, look at the 360 movie download service, how many people have used once or twice, 1 million perhaps, how many use it regularly, I bet very few people. Also the fact that many many people still dont even have a digital tv, tells you that such a transaction could take a long while. isnt this the same as normal console price drops. wait until Star Wars is released on BlueRay, and every one will re-buy the trilogy:LOL like me this will creat such a boost in sales, that will speed 2 cruise control make HDvd the loser. you are such a bafoon on so many levels that it is pointless for me to talk any sense too you. You are here you not only have issues but the more defensive you are the more pathetic you become. I will not release my Star Wars movies on any next gen format for at least 3? Because I because I am an leoooooooo I am the bestist script writer ever and I rule. That was one of the key selling points for me. You clowns keep using that argument but I dont buy it! I have a big HDTV and I want to watch HD content on it. After copious amounts of reading and research I felt BD would be the winning format. It looks more and more like I was right every day now. Next-Gen games and HD movies A Winner for the PS Your argument is lame and holds no truth. You sure have no idea what the hell is going on do you. Microsoft has been selling a lot more consoles but they have actually lost more than Sony seeing as how their entertainment division is 5 billion dollars in the hole. When Sony drops the price and the upcoming games hit the market, Sonys position is going to start changing in these console wars. They had better sales for 2 weeks in Europe moron. One month ago, HD-DVD had 85% of the HD movie sales. This temporary sales surge is probably due to dumping a lot of releases on the market at once, with a conveinent victory speed 2 cruise control ready. Of course, thats all the blu ray association needs to declare victory. Qj agrees, because they are run by PS3 fanboys. what are you talking about Devise? lol Guest 2007-05-22 02:30 I think those fantards that post low brow insults and boast how they can blow money on whatever they want who probably have 15, 000 credit card bills at will are really smart. Im being extremely sarcastic. If you want to act like a true PS3 fanboy, you have to use a name like Quixand has a finger in his ass or Quixand is an ASS HOLE. Only then can you truly imitate how retarded and desperate a hardcore PS3 fanboy is.

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