Funny Farm Fast forward to

Funny Farm

Fast forward to 2007 with the slow, arcane, not always compatible HDMI connection, Blu-Ray players that cost you had to have patience and knowledge about whats going on in order to make them work and even then it was sometimes a matter of having to shutdown and reboot is this my PC running Windows or a DVD Player? Then low and behond the PS3 shows up on the scene. Faster than even 1000 SD DVD players to start up, transparent menus, lossless HD Audio, all wrapped up in a game console that the grandkids can play with? Sign me now my Sony Bravia SXRD 60 screen has taken on a life of its own, the Planet Earth series has yet to not WOW anyone whos seen it and totally entrance them for as long as they can stand to watch. Everybody wants more! Its a shame that the studios arent doing a better job of transferring their current titles to Blu-Ray as some of them are less than stellar. So, in response to the original question, it has always been the well informed hypothesis that Blu-Ray would eventually win the war since it was the only one that would support full 1080p transfer rates. We that held to that philosophy were only holding out for an affordabe player that wouldnt require a Masters Degree to operate. Now that the PS3 is available AND you can use it as a full fledged Web Browser and Photo whats holding YOU back? I will not be buying a Blue ray player and I will not purchase a PS Theyre both over priced and overrated. HD DVD is clearly the better choice and I will just stick with it until they discontinue the movies as well. Mean while I will keep stocking up on the HD DVDs as they get cheaper and use my HD player as an up convert player for regular dvds. Congrats Blu! This will now allow folks who have been sitting on the sidelines the incentive they need to buy a hi-def disc product to feed that new HDTV. To those who state downloads are the future, maybe, but a long time from now as the broadband capability in this country is a long way away from fast downloads. Another factor is that many movie buffs want a hardware copy to display on a shelf. To those who state that they must now pay high prices for a Blu-Ray are going to go down as with all electronics. I would venture that you will shortly see BD standalones at 200 by Summer. I purchased the PS3 last April and absolutely love it. It has been a pleasure to use and has played everything thrown at it. No issues. No problems, just hi-def nirvana. The PS3 killed hd-dvd. Executives looked Funny Farm and saw 7 millio PS 3 blu ray players vs less than a 1mm hd-dvd. Sony gambled and won. Now the mom and pop wave will be on. Bought the HD-A3 on Black Friday for 177 and got a price correction to 133 from Amazon plus 10 free HD DVDs. With the great upconverting available, I have no complaints and will wait to buy a Blue-ray until it is around 150 or less and the firmware issues are set. Now if only Toshiba would release a dual player, I would pay a slightly higher premium for that since I have been so impressed with my current player. i have both a ps3 and a hddvd player, when hddvd was gaining ground bd players came all the way down to 300 bucks, but after warner did there anouncement they Funny Farm back up to 400, hddvd was a good product i relly looked foward to watching jerasic and lor in high def, but like everyone i think bd will take there time on price and new reles To fcunmys: cheer up sunshine! Even if all content became downloadable tomorrow in HD format for dirt cheap, youd just find something new to complain about because going against the mainstream is how you self-validate. If you dont like blu-ray then dont buy it Funny Farm options will come along sooner or later. If you do like it and want to buy it, then knock your socks off its your money, well spent or not. I have a PS3 and like the news, though there are few movies Id shell out 25 to own however, I like that I can rent blu-ray for the same price as regular movies for now anyway. Its true though, there arent many movies that the average eye will be able to distinguish as being better in blu-ray than an upconverted regular DVD. The movies where an HD format really does stand out are going to be newer, and have lots of special effects or scenery otherwise youre fooling yourself that the picture will be noticeably better, unless you have a gi-normous TV. I have only been able to enjoy my HD Dvd player since before xmas, and must say that I was very pleased with the product. to me personally from viewing a friends bluray player the HD player looked just as good if not better but that doesnt mean anything now does it folks. I agree with some others responses, that get me once shame on u get me twice shame on me and not going to happen. therefore i will continue 2 enjoy my hd player until there is a change in blurays technology, pricing, and bd movies.

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