My little pony a very minty christmas part 2

My little pony a very minty christmas part 2

My wife started checking out a vacation video section. It was much faster than the previous Sony BDP-S350 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player I had got for the father in law the previous Christmas and a lot cheaper. How quickly the price drops and quality improves. After completing setup of all the features I asked my father and law when we should expect our invite to come back over and enjoy this thing. Highly recommended. I purchased this for my wifefamily for Christmas. The Blu-Ray quality is great when producers use Blu-Ray to make the movie look very sharp. Note that BD Disc Night at the Smithsonian Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Three-Disc Edition Digital Copy DVD Blu-ray is not sharp. It s grainy in most of the movie, but I read online that some producers want the big screen artifacts to be there on disc as well so that it s a true movie copy. I m not sure why they do that since people buy Blu-Ray for it s perfect clarity, not true-to-film-graininess. Note that some of the behind-the-scenes extras though were Blu-Ray perfect. Weird decision on the Disc makers part, but I digress Note: Amazon shipping STINKS for this unit, as it seems to for all electronics. They just put a shipping label on the retail box and shipped it that way! Yikes! Note to you Amazon electronic retail boxes are meant to SIT on store shelves, NOT to try to survive the UPS 6-foot fall test. To fully use this player you do need 2 things: 1 a memory key so you can access the BD-Live features when available on a disc I know Sony recommends their memory keys like this one Sony Micro Vault Click 2 GB USB 0 Flash Drive with Virtual Expander USM2GL, but I was able to use a Cruzer Micro 4GB that I had around the house just fine SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Micro with U3 SDCZ6-4096-A11, Retail Package after formatting it to remove the U3 software and 2 a network cable to either fully hardwire to the Internet or to wire to their recommended wireless bridge Linksys by Cisco Dual-Band Wireless-N Gaming and Video Adapter so you can get firmware updates and access the Internet content. I plugged in a 50 foot network cable from AmazonBasics see my review there AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable 50 Feet 2 Meters Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging to the Blu-Ray player and into an open port on my Linksys Router Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router and immediately after my little pony a very minty christmas part 2 on the TV I got a message that a new firmware update was available for my player. SWEET! Truly plug-and-play. The firmware download was quick and intuitive and the directions on-screen were perfectly clear as to what was going on and what would happen. Once we were updated, we tried some BD-Live features on a couple of discs this one from Disney Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Two Disc Edition w/Standard DVD Blu-ray and this one from Warner Brothers Inkheart BD-Live Blu-ray and they worked fine although you had to register online or complete a registration online to see my little pony a very minty christmas part 2 in the WB case. Disney s first loading of BD-Live took a really long time like 5-9 minutes it seemed as it had to load some software to support their layout. Later loading of BD-Live for that disc was much quicker. The Internet channels are a nice addition. Matter of fact I spent more time tooling around checking out some things in there than in using the player last night when I set it up, there was so much to see. I don t use Netflix, so can t comment on that. The YouTube channel was great and Amazon s online feature was okay. It was nice to see I could stream a movie we bought a download of a few years ago from the My Library section of Amazon s Internet channel, but I wish you could filter movie/TV results to not see the R rated bloody/perverted offerings.

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