The Invisible Someone has to

The Invisible

Someone has to deliver a few reality checks around here. Its a good thing Sony isnt the only one pushing Blu-ray, it will do you good to remember that. So, if in your perception, Sony is always screwing up, then I surely The Invisible Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp, Philips, TDK, Dell, Hitachi, LG, HP, will pick up where you think Sony screws up. And Toshibas format isnt propreitary? Complete with Microsoft iHD and at times with VC-1? Both formats have some form of proprietary functions in them. Moreover, Blu-ray has royalties going to numerous companies, so dont try to paint the picture that somehow Sony is going home with all the royalties. This is the main reason of many that the agrument about Blu-ray being the next Betamax is so flawed. Regarding Toshiba meeting the needs of Hollywood, this still remains to be seen. Especially considering that a lot of the HD DVD movies released currently are already getting dangerously close to the 30 GB maximum storage capacity of HD DVD even when using H. 264/VC-1 and compressed audio with no HD extras. Also, especially considering that they have met the needs of only the minority of Hollywood, as the majority of Hollywood doesnt appear to think so. Regardless of the missteps of both camps HD DVD or Blu-ray, the fact is is that we are still in an early adoption market, and the format war will continue on through to at least 200 I want strong studio support, interesting hardware AND more storage space. And considering how buggy Toshs player is, yes Ill pay more although ¸425 isnt more. You mean how it was buggy. Very little complaints after the 2 firmware update. Even with the bugs the avg HD DVD discs is noticably superior to most of the Blu-Ray discs shipping. That wont change until Sony gets VC-1 on their discs or DL discs. Well have to see about Studio support. Frankly I think we see at least one Major announce movies for HD DVD. The latest delay of the Sony BD player until Oct should seal that deal. Interesting Blu-Ray isnt your champion. No USB ethernet on a player that is 2x as expensive. You gotta ask yourself just where are they putting the extra money? In their pockets I presume. Besides whats more exciting than this? Funny thing is not only has Toshiba beat the BDA to market with players theyre The Invisible to beat them in recorders too. Shipping mid July before Sony even has their player out the door. You guys are betting on the wrong horse. But Sony is capible of doing a flagship product like this, like they did with the SCD The SCD-1 didnt push SACD into a win, and neither will this. Mass market for HD video is with the PS3 or nothing. Seriously, murch, everyone has heard your spiel 1000 times by now. Im not sure youve convinced anyone. This discussion is now little more than a pissing contest between you and pretty much everyone else. The only thing youve really managed to accomplish is to alienate a lot of people who might have considered HD-DVD othewrwise. I figure im The Invisible for about a million cycles on the spielometer. Im sure Ive helped at least someone cut through the hype. It may be a pissing contest but the series of events clearly show that Im not the one taking most of the piss. Im naturally adversarial, a son of a lawyer with legal aspirations of my own.

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