The breeders cannonball video official

The breeders cannonball video official

The only time I see a doctor is once a year to get blood work done so I can get the Synthroid medicine. In spite of continuous flare-ups, I ve never felt better since I ve stopped going to see a doctor, wished I didn t have to take the Synthroid! One more thing, I m both near and farsighted, my glasses are bifocals, who knows, maybe some day I won t need them at all, and soon to be a non-smoker after 44 years! Butazotolin, Keflex Pulv. Phenobarbital, Penicillin, Sulfa, Terra. , Cortisone and cortisone salves, Ether, Dyes with Iodine, Seafood, Diphenhydramine Is this the kind of record keeping that is needed? Purchased most items to make vortex trap, need to make some parts. Today we got the vortex trap together and working at 6 We let the well water run for about 10 minutes before letting it run over our hands to see what it felt like besides cold, we licked it off our fingers to see if it was sweet, at first it didn t seem to be and had the taste of iron, but we do have a light iron in our water. We filled a one-gallon glass jug to set under our 24 inch pyramid overnight, then filled 2 16 ounce glasses to drink slowly before we ate a light supper 1/2 hour later, the only meal we had for the day. All day we munched on purple grapes as usual for the past 2 months along with a couple of hands full of pecans this time. About an hour later around 7 we noticed our hands had a very smooth feeling, we tasted our fingers and there was a sweet taste after all, but the water didn t really seem to have a sweet taste as we drank it, the iron taste did leave the water but it was very cold, maybe if we had let it warm up some it would have. I could hardly believe my eyes when the kitchen light fell on the glass of water, the bubbles just shown like little jewels, either it was my imagination or they really are brighter, awesome looking. 8:30 we both felt a bit nauseated, nothing much just a little queasy, this passed in about 1/2 hour 11:45, decided to wet my long hair down and set it with some of the water, it runs as if it has thyoglycolic acid in it. Then took some cotton and wiped down my face and soaked the sores due to the flare up, sores seemed to calm down and skin feels really nice and smooth. With in a few seconds I felt warm and started to sweat a little, no biggy and it didn t last maybe for a minute. 1:15 not sure if it s just me or if the ringing in my ears has more clarity, think it s time for bed anyway, don t feel too good, not really sick, just not too good. 9:30 On the way to bed last night, noticed that both knees ached for some reason. Think I had the BEST nights sleep, woke up feeling really rested, my husband said that I talked in my sleep practically all night long, haven t done that in many years; wished I could the breeders cannonball video official what it was all about. Unrolled my hair and could actually run my fingers through it without it tangling and knotting up, even the hairbrush runs through it nicely, the curl isn t kinky or fuzzy either. Left ear was not all hard and crusty inside as usual, no scabs, instead it was oily feeling and moist, as if the oily substance from the water had the infection contained and kept it soft, it was easy to clean up the infected area. To my surprise, the right ear does not hurt or itch at all, nothing! The sore on and below my lip has not cracked and bled as it usually does. There was no drainage from it that usually coats about half of my lips and sticks them shut either. The scab is firm and solid. I can hardly believe all of this, I NEVER expected to have any results this soon, not used to something working right away like this. Re-swabbed my ears and applied more of the water to the sore on lip area. A few seconds after reapplying the water, I felt hot; a slight sweat came, didn t even last a minute and was gone. Put the water on the backs of my hands again, about a minute later or less felt like an electric shock hit the back of my right hand and was gone. 11:30 Scab on lip area really bugging me; it s coming loose, pulled it off easily, what looks to be the inside of the pore came out easily also and did not bleed only a tiny bit. Usually it takes a month for it to get to this state before it starts to heal up and go away. This flare-up is only 2 weeks old. Now, seems as if the water might have loped off 3 weeks, we ll see!! Also no pain in left shoulder joint, instead the muscle in upper arm hurts and is knotted, pain goes to the fingers, nothing that I can t handle. Only drank 1/4 cup of coffee this morning, it just didn t taste good, and I don t want the rest of my cigarette!! The cigarettes have no additives like the store kind, these come from the Cherokee in Cherokee, N. , not that it makes smoking any better for you, but at least not quite as harmful, still going to quit, this will help to make it easier!! YEAAAAAAA!! 10 Had to be gone most of the day, missed drinking the water, felt really good all day though. A bit of nausea still sets in after drinking the breeders cannonball video official lasts any where from 5 to 10 minutes. 9:30 After being in bed for a while last night, I could have sworn that I saw 2 light beings or something like that standing together, with a feeling of well being; didn t last long. Maybe it s the power of suggestion or imagination.

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